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MisMatch 897 is where I have been positing my interview from last year and alongside my MisMatch897 Facebook page has been so busy that I haven’t had the time to share here as well. Please feel free to wander over and listen if you have the time, there was heaps of fun and great Australian music played as well as other great favourites.

The show is a “little bit of this and a little bit of that”


Thank You for your Support in 2016

Thank You for your Support in 2016



This year has seen me take a little step back from podcast and focused more on study  and radio.

I have also had the priviledge of attending some epic concerts this year.

Ed Sheeran – This young man I had not even heard of until a friend asked me to go, was so impressed and also amazed to his following.


Nickelback – “No Fixed Address” Tour, they were as before great and I love this band as much as some people do not like them 🙂 Has been so unfortunate that they had to cancel the balance of their tour. Poor Chad has had an issue with his throat involving an operation and intense rest to recover. I wish him all the best and look forward to hearing from the band soon.


Fleetwood Mac – “On with the Show” Tour, well it felt like forever since I purchased these tickets and I was so immensely excited to see them live, as one. Christine McVie rejoining the band and Lindsay Buckingham there as the last time I saw them in Adelaide in 1990, he did not tour here in Australia for their “Tango in the Night” Tour. I was not disappointed, we had great seats and the moon was out and we had a clear sky, was breezy but just as they came on stage it was like a bewitchment had occurred and cast a spell and not even a whisper of a breeze was felt. I was mesmerised from start to finish. A show where band members interacted with the audience, engaging us in their story it was an amazing experience, one I still can recall vividly today.



AC/DC – “Rock or Bust” Tour, another long awaited concert and the first time I have ever seen them live. They are a no nonsense band, get on give the crowd what they want, play the music  we like, as well as some off their current album. Angus Young did his amazing guitar solo, he was just amazing to watch, his energy electric and he had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand. :). Interacting with the crowd was indeed very minimal, as I think they have always been this way, just their style, their music says it all.


Chris Cornell – “An evening with Chris Cornell”, a surprise. I won these tickets and it couldn’t have been a more uplifting experience. His new album Higher Truth is a story, one that should be listened to from beginning to end, not just the favourites 🙂 . I used this word for Fleetwood Mac and I will use it for Chris he was mesmerising and I will go further as to say hypnotising, that’s the best way I can explain it. Needless to say if I have another opportunity to see this man sing again as solo or with Soundgarden, I will be there.

(NO images for Chris, his performance was held at our Festival Theatre and they do not encourage breach of copyright, as of course do all of them but for some reason, it’s really frowned upon at the theatre…lol)

Japam – Little know Adelaide rock band, in their infancy, will be at a intimate pub this Saturday night, possible only 100 to fit in, a part of 3 bands to play on the night. I have interviewed them. Two released singles are included in this inteview for you to listen to.. I hope you enjoy listening.

On Air With Carmela


Well I think I may have bored you enough today…lol

Let me know what you think of this young band, the boys are all great mates, can’t wait to see them tonight

Cheers for now


Save Rock and Roll








Clifford Hoad’s battle cry ‘Rock Til Ya Die’ imitates his life. Kings Of The Sun? – Kings of Australian Rock!


Out of the blue, a bloke named Peter Pis (thanks Peter) on Facebook sent me a message after I had interviewed Jesse Fink (Author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built ACDC) and Toni Currenti (Session drummer on all but 1 track on ACDC’s debut album) suggesting I should try and get an interview with a bloke named Clifford Hoad who had resurrected a successful 80’s band, ‘Kings Of The Sun’. Now, I knew a little of Kings Of The Sun with their hit ‘Serpentine’ – but the band had not really been on my radar (sorry Cliff). I had a spare night coming up on my radio show ‘Purple Haze’ so I thought lets see what Cliff has got – so I contacted him, he agreed to an interview, sent me a link to download the new album ‘Rock Til Ya Die’ and I set about doing my research…

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Master Radio Class 2014

Okay I am putting out there! They are going to kill me!

I completed 2 radio courses last year.

I was an Intro to Radio and the other was being invited to complete master class last year.

We completed these two courses at Sean Craig Murphy’s Australian Radio School in Adelaide!

It was the most amazing experience and I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity

to complete any type of these courses, it does wonders for your confidence and morale 🙂

I had the pleasure of working in a team for our breakfast demo being Jem and Ocea


MisMatch 897


Has been a while since I posted on this blog.

Even though I have been attending concerts the time frame I have to 

upload videos has dwindled due to my volunteer commitments.

I have moved into radio and that not only takes “On Air” time but also

prep time.

 Facebook – MisMatch897

I am also on 

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